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BeMelodic Recording Studio in Dallas Fort Worth provides exceptional quality recording for your vocals, guitars, bass, drums, and orchestral instruments.  Our recording room was designed to technical standards to provide a clean transparent sound.

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Welcome to BeMelodic Recording Studio !

We are very pleased to welcome you at BeMelodic where our goal is to provide you with exceptional audio recording services.

Are you looking for that classic sound, or the state-of-the-art modern sound? Our recording studio has a professionally constructed tracking room where we record your vocals, guitars, drums, or other instruments.

We have an enormous selection of microphones appropriate for each application.  Sound quality is most important to us!  As such, every one of our sessions are recorded with premium modern or vintage preamps giving you exceptional sonic results.

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At BeMelodic, we can record your music in our best-in-class recording room. We have an enormous choice of expert microphones appropriate for any application whether vocals, guitars, drums, strings, and more. Every one of our recordings experience premium modern day or vintage mic preamps for a sonically superior sound.



Mixing can add excitement to a song, but a phenomenal mix can transcend sonic quality to pass on emotion and feelings. At BeMelodic, our mix engineer will make your song stand out and come to life. Whether you are looking for online mixing or you are in Dallas Fort Worth area, our mix engineer will assist you in conveying the message of your song with professional results.



Music mastering online with BeMelodic is a great decision! Many online streaming services are now offering “automated” mastering on your uploads. These services do not compare to having the correction and enhancement process that an experienced mastering engineer can achieve. If you want your song to sound its best, contact us now.


Vocal Editing

Great vocals are what make a song touch listeners. We have what it takes to make them sound impeccable while keeping the natural characteristics and tone of your voice. We can clean-up, restore, align, and tune vocals with the best software available.  We can even create naturally sounding background vocals!  Our results are sonically and musically superior.  Giving you the very best quality is our number one goal.


Drum Tracking

Recording an acoustic drum kit is a major endeavor.  Not only having enough mics for the job, but having the right type of microphone is essential to recording a natural feel.  More importantly, having a trained ear and experienced engineer is crucial.  Our recording engineer will give you what you need to make your drums sound “live” and have that punchy sound with just the right sizzle you are looking for.


Podcast Recording

Does your podcast recording sound stuffed and full of unwanted echo? Looking for a location to record your podcast that will give it cutting-edge clarity? At BeMelodic, our recording room is the perfect location!  We can book regular sessions with you and give you the absolute best and professionally recorded vocals for your podcast. We can even edit your podcast vocals!


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